Help Spread the Word about Dismantle with our Updated Publicity Kit!

Wooden figures whispering about Dismantle publicity

You already know that Dismantle Magazine is one of the best places online to read stories that deepen your understanding of fashion, pop culture and social issues. And it’s one of the few that PAYS WRITERS. But did you know that Dismantle Magazine is used in college classrooms all around the world? That our articles have been used in yoga, tattoo, and historical costume reproduction trainings? That’s because readers like you have recognized the value in what we do and shared our work with the people around you. Thanks 🙂

Now, to make that process even easier, we have a new publicity kit available. It’s a snack-sized PDF that contains everything you need to know about who we are, what we do, and why do it.

Take a look for yourself! Email it to a friend! Share it with your book club or craft circle! Post it in a Slack (that’s a thing, right? We have weird slack-less jobs, but it sounds like a thing?) Print out the flyers and post them in your favorite coffee shop!

OR even better, email us at dismantlemag at gmail dot com and we’ll send you a packet of flyers and other goodies to share. Fill your world with rainbow stars and help us reach more people 🌈⭐

Download our 2021 Publicity Kit.

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