Submission Guidelines

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Please check back for updates on when we’ll re-open submissions.

See below for guidelines.

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What We Really Really Want

We’re especially interested in personal essays that explore larger issues related to fashion, pop culture and social change. Rather than straight cultural analysis, we prioritize work that puts story first. We want compelling characters and vivid scenes, words that make us think and feel. Give us personal essays that connect your experience with fashion to a larger cultural or political phenomenon. Send us your reflections on a pop culture obsession that ties current trends to a longer history. Or, share an experiment that blends illustration and reflective text. We’re open to creative, innovative approaches, so don’t be afraid to send us something we haven’t thought of yet!

Whatever it is, it should tell a story that matters right now and have clear, compelling stakes. It should speak to our mission of dismantling oppression, cultivating community, and reflecting on the ways fashion and pop culture connect us to larger communities and power structures

Note: we’re most interested in submissions related to fashion (in the broadest sense, including adornment, textiles, the body, etc.).

In addition to the above: We always want fun explainers of trends and forgotten bits of fashion history. 

We strongly prefer work that is between 1200 and 2500 words.  

Examples of things we love:

The Complicated of Fun of Being Into Historical Costume and Not White by Catherine Fung

Poly Wanna What? A Black Man’s Journey in Love, Polyamory and Kink by Ricardo Coleman

Dirty Kids, Digital Nomads and #Vanlife without the Hashtag by Effy Mitchell

Why Witches Wear Peter Pan Collars by Casci Ritchie

Why the Dirndl is So Much More Than a Dress for Oktoberfest by Verena Hutter

What is NOT the right fit for us 

  • Close-readings of a single movie/TV show etc.
  • Poetry
  • Book/Movie/TV/etc. Reviews
  • Op-eds
  • Hot takes
  • Academic or jargon-filled writing
  • Research that’s maybe super interesting but doesn’t show us clear stakes or tell a story

Yes, we pay!

We’ve increased our pay to $100.00 per article over ~1000 words. We’re able to do this entirely because of our Patreon supporters. More support on Patreon means more money for writers!

Submission Guidelines:

We are accepting submissions through Duosuma. There is no submission fee. You will need to create a free Duosuma account before you submit.

Simultaneous submissions are welcome. Just please let us know immediately if you place something elsewhere.

If you have questions, get in touch at dismantlemedia at gmail dot com.

Submit through Duosuma

Response Times:

Our goal is to respond to all submissions within a month.

We look forward to hearing from you!