What is Dismantle?

The world is crumbling around us. Environmentally, socially, politically, &c &c ad nauseam, chunks of the world break off in our hands and we are left holding pieces, wondering what’s next. 

At Dismantle, we believe in a universe that doesn’t care, but people that do. Thinkers, writers, makers, and doers crafting their fears and hopes and visions into art that matters to us—to you. We care. 

Dismantle isn’t just a digital magazine. Dismantle is a refuge within a vast and varied digital landscape, dedicated to making time and space for the critically minded. We’re interested in work that imagines better ways to be in the world. We want your weird and inspired bits and bobs. We want your love letters, passion projects, top-secret diary entries, and blood-curdling manifestos. 

We at Dismantle welcome your wildest ideas with open arms.

Want to reach us? Send us an email at dismantlemedia AT gmail dot com. Want to write for us? Learn more about submissions here.

Meet the Team

  • Sara Tatyana Bernstein, PhD, Co-founder and Editor
  • Elise Chatelain, PhD, Co-founder and Editor