Hey Look! It’s Our Fall 2020 Newsletter!

A young white woman with a flaming newspaper that could be ourFall 2020 Newsletter
Photo by Produtora Midtrack from Pexels

Welcome to our Fall 2020 Newsletter. We’re breathing a little more deeply, letting our jaws unclench. We’re finding a little bit of space to rest up for the work to come. And as always we’re preparing big things for Dismantle.

But first we want to celebrate everything we’ve accomplished so far on this wild ride called 2020, including the brilliant writers who have worked with us in times not at all friendly to the quiet focus that fashion and cultural criticism requires.

We missed our last two newsletters because…well you can probably guess, so there’s a lot here. In addition to the usual round-up of articles and podcasts you might have missed, we have updates on Dismantle Education and share some exciting new reasons to join our Patreon. (Did we mention our Patreon? The patrons who support our Patreon are the whole reason we’re still here. When more patrons join our Patreon we pay more writers, publish more work, and create more accessible tools for understanding fashion, popular culture and social change. …Patreon.)

So follow this link to the Fall 2020 Newsletter and enjoy!

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