Dismantle Now Has Publicity Kits!

Dismantle star logo on yellow background from publicity kit flyer

Extra, extra! Dismantle is sending out publicity kits — and we want YOU to get one!

What’s in our publicity kits, you might ask? Well, it’s a fun package that helps us spread the word about Dismantle’s mission. Our kits include:

  • A letter explaining Dismantle Magazine’s history, mission and current offerings
  • Multiple full color, high quality image flyers with information and calls to action
  • Lots of super cute Dismantle logo stickers!!!

Right now we have plans to send these to relevant academic departments across the U.S., but as usual, we also want to expand Dismantle’s reach outside of the university setting. Therefore, we’re putting out the call for more recipients! If you’re an educator, librarian, activist, community member, and/or simply interested in sharing the fun of critical fashion and cultural studies, we want to send you a publicity kit!

To receive this fun package in the mail, please send your name and mailing address to: elise@dismantlemag.com.

You can also click here for a digital version. 

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