Understanding Culture Toolbox Sneak Preview! Why #RepresentationMatters

toolbox with dismantle logo

We’re very pleased to share a preview of the first entry in our Understanding Culture Toolbox: Why Representation Matters. Dismantle Editors and Co-founders Sara Tatyana Bernstein and Elise M Chatelain have been writing about and teaching ways to understand how culture shapes us and is shaped by us for over a decade. We’re creating this resource because we want to share the tools we use with you.

The Understanding Culture Toolbox is a series of uniquely packaged, fun-filled learning guides available for FREE to all of our Patreon subscribers.  As we expand our educational mission we will develop other ways to share these with our readers.

In the meantime, if you aren’t a Patron, please join us! For as little as $3.00 a month you can get access to this resource and our growing community of Dismantlers, while also supporting writers for their creative work.

Please take a look and feel free to let us know what you think! Is it useful? Is it easy to follow? Is anything confusing? What else would you like to see? You can get in touch by leaving us comment on Facebook, giving a shout on Twitter or Instagram, or sending us an email through our Contact Us page. Or you can get in touch on Patreon (hint hint ;)).