Thrifting Tips for Finding the Perfect Outfit

With the rise of fast fashion and its low-quality mass-produced clothing, many young people are hitting second hand stores to find great deals on vintage and durable items. Stocking your wardrobe up with thrifted clothing is a great way to create

unique ensembles that will impress others. Check out these thrifting tips for finding the perfect outfit, and make your next trip to the store a success.

Shop In Different Places

If you always seem to struggle finding cute and quality clothing at your local thrifting establishment, you might do better by widening your inventory. A key to secondhand purchasing can be expanding the number of businesses you shop at, as thrift stores typically rely on local donations for their inventory. 

It all comes down to increasing your odds of finding the perfect clothes. Further, mixing in higher-level thrift stores with donation centers and flea markets can ensure you never again miss a diamond in the rough.

Learn To Spot Quality 

While the deals at a secondhand shop are often unbeatable, it’s still easy to burn a hole in your wallet. No matter how enticing that one dollar tank might be, if it has an irreparable stain, it’s probably better to pass on it. Don’t waste time or funds purchasing poor-quality clothing, and instead get good at spotting the durable and valuable products. 

Pay attention to the similarities between high-caliber items, such as materials, brands, and severity of the damage. Learn how to buy quality secondhand shoes, as these are often the trickiest when trying to determine condition. 

Repair Damaged Items

The best item at a thrift store isn’t always the one in perfect shape. In fact, damaged goods have the potential to be more valuable and trendier than undamaged ones. Invest in some essential tools, such as a sewing kit, to save countless pieces that would otherwise end up in the trash. 

Find accessible materials to seek out and repair clothing that has easily replaceable parts. Jackets with missing buttons and minor rips are quickly made new again with a few careful tweaks. 

With these thrifting tips for finding the perfect outfit, you can ensure that your next visit to the secondhand store is fruitful. Thrifting is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint while finding affordable pieces for unique ensembles. 

Christina Duron is a freelance writer for multiple online publications where she can showcase her affinity for all things beauty and fashion. She particularly enjoys writing for communities of passionate women who come together for a shared interest and empower one another in the process. In her free time, you can find Christina playing with her dachshund or at her local library.