New on Dismantle Education: The Art and Politics of Upcycling with Ophir El-Boher

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Screenshot from Ophir El-Boher's webinar.

On February 27, 2021 Dismantle co-founders, Sara Tatyana Bernstein and Elise M. Chatelain hosted an event featuring a webinar and discussion with Ophir El-Boher. Now you can watch an edited version of the webinar for free on Dismantle Education!

Ophir El-Boher is an apparel designer, studio artist, social activist, and scholar originally from The Negev Desert, Israel. She currently lives in Oregon, where she earned her MFA in Collaborative Design at Pacific Northwest College of Art. Inspired by natural and cultural processes, Ophir conceptualizes ways to disrupt the fashion system through her design work. For example, her book Patterning features upcycled items that can serve as models for fashion hackers. She currently teaches courses in sustainable fashion and upcycling through PNCA’s Community Education program.

Topics discussed include:

  • Ophir’s history as a designer working primarily with upcycled materials
  • A definition of upcycling (as opposed to recycling, downcycling)
  • An overview of the history of upcycling and where it fits into the current global fashion economy
  • Thoughts on where it’s headed in the future

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