Preview Dismantle Education & Try A Sample Class, “Why Representation Matters”!

Dismantle Education Sample Class

Our Dismantle Education site is finally live! We are so excited to unveil our newest Dismantle adventure. Dismantle Education uses tools from the field of cultural studies to deepen your understanding of fashion, popular culture and social change. It’s an online education platform that will offer self-guided classes as well as workshops, webinars, and other learning resources. Check out the site here, take a FREE sample class “Why Representation Matters,” and download the accompanying E-Book.

This is a preview of much more to come, but we couldn’t wait any longer to share it. Like everything here, this is the loving creation of a tiny team with other jobs (in the midst of, you know, the pandemic and financial crisis) so we’re building this brick by available brick. We’ll be rolling out more pieces throughout the spring and summer.

Stay tuned for additional self-paced classes in fashion, consumer studies and more; more webinars like our February upcycling event with Ophir El-Boher; writing workshops and the return of “Your Public Voice; and much much more!

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Ready to try the sample class? Just click here! This is brand new, so we’d love to hear what you think and what you’d like to see more of.

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