How Fashion Studies is Centering BIPOC & How We Can Do Better

fashion studies textbooks and a cat

In this episode of Fashion Cats & Cocktails, Sara and Elise dig into a question they have long discussed between themselves when pondering the direction of Dismantle Magazine: What can they do to help disrupt the persistent whiteness of fashion studies?

Listen to their experiences as fashion scholars and creators of a cultural studies magazine that primarily publishes content about fashion. The goal is to both uncover some of the hidden structural challenges that continue to act as barriers for decolonizing fashion scholarship as well as to highlight the kinds of resources that are doing this work.

As always, our conversation includes some cats and cocktails, but our focus this time is really on the field of fashion studies — from decolonizing the story of fashion history to interrogating our own work.

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Elise (left) and Sara (right) doing our favorite things: talking to each other over cocktails


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