Spring Patreon Promo! Take Our Quiz, Find Your Fashion History Soulmate

Fashion history soulmate. Vionnet, Charles James, Anna Sui
From left: Madeleine Vionnet, Charles James, Anna Sui

We’re here to solve another burning question you didn’t know you had: Who is your fashion history soulmate? Which designer from the past could peer right into your deepest depths and swath you in purest you-ness? At last, you can find out! All you have to do is take this short quiz, join us on Patreon for as little as $3.00 a month, and Sara and Elise will send you the answer in the form of a grammable “trading card” with fun facts about your designer imaginary BFF. (BTW we will only use the email address field in the quiz to send your results. But if you want to get our newsletter and other occasional updates, feel free to join our mailing list.)

With one short, super fun quiz you’ll discover something VV important about yourself, learn a little fashion history, AND support grassroots, intersectional fashion and cultural criticism.

Alright! We have all the info we need to calculate your fashion history soulmate. Now just join our Patreon and the results will be put through our rigorous formula and emailed back to you. Patreon tiers start at just $3.00 a month and you also get access to patron-only content, social media shout outs and a star on our Dismantle Supporter Wall. If you can afford more, we will shower you you with special surprises (like…a fun package in the mail! And Dismantle swag that gets cooler as your contribution increases!).

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