Our Winter 2020 Newsletter is Out!

Stars falling out of a jar like our winter 2020 newsletter

This season has been so busy it almost flew by before we could put out our Winter 2020 newsletter. But, really, February seems like the perfect month to settle in with a round-up of all the Dismantle doings you might have missed. Here is a link to the full newsletter.

The Winter 2020 newsletter features an impressive compilation of articles, including work by 7 new contributors.

We also:

  • Share the most recent Dress Codes and how you can submit your own questions.
  • Give you the scoop on our new podcast, “Fashion, Cats & Cocktails.”
  • Introduce two amazing new co-conspirators who are contributing their editing and communications skills
  • Tell you about updates to our submission guidelines
  • And, of course, it wouldn’t be a newsletter without a Patreon plug. Because until we dismantle capitalism, money makes the world — and this website — go around.

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