A Tarot Reading Patreon Promotion: Sign Up in February!

Tarot cards Patreon promotion

Why Tarot?

Not long ago we began to notice a rising trend among progressive communities: the return of Tarot. Whether it’s for entertainment, personal growth, or community-building, this centuries-old practice is back and arguably more accessible than ever.

Last month we learned that Dismantle contributor Susannah Bartlow has been conducting readings for herself, family and friends since 2015. As a critical scholar and activist, Susannah believes that the practice of tarot is a path toward collective liberation. Her readings integrate expertise in astrology and cultural somatics: the philosophy that our individual bodies are part of a collective network.  From this foundation, Susannah’s readings guide one to holistic, outward-focused self discovery.

Building Connections

Understandably, we love Susannah’s method and the politics behind her practice. So we did what we always try to do at Dismantle: asked if she wanted to collaborate! Between now and February 14th, we’re running a special Patreon promotion. The first two people who join at the $15 level or above will get a FREE tarot reading from Susannah! 

Interested but are already a Patreon member? We’ll honor the prize if you increase your monthly contribution by at least one level! For a full description of our membership levels and their benefits, head here.

Thanks for Supporting Dismantle!

We invite you to join us in our grassroots efforts to publish critical, accessible scholarship. This promotion gives you the chance to do so by sharing in the liberatory power of Tarot!

And remember: you can sign up for our Patreon for as little as $3 per month. This very doable amount allows you to support our mission for less than a packet of Slim Jims 😉 At any level, you’ll get access to our Patreon community and join others who believe in the power of feminist cultural studies.

Susannah Bartlow in black jacket with and posed with hand on top of head
Susannah Bartlow will help you ring in the new decade with Tarot as you support Dismantle Magazine!
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