What We’re Watching Out for in 2020s Fashion

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In episode 3 of Fashion Cats and Cocktails we’re asking questions about 2020s fashion and the future. What are the issues we’re concerned about? What are the important questions? What makes us hopeful? Speaking of hope, our “cats” segment includes a very special story about the magical, mysterious disappearance and return of Sara’s cat, Penelope the Great. Finally, since so many people we know are joining the “Dry January” trend, we’re going to enjoy our favorite mocktails together and share the recipes with you. 

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In the spirit of ringing in a fresh decade, we originally thought about doing a retrospective for episode 3, but uncharacteristically these two cultural historians decided to look forward, and discuss what’s on our minds in relation to fashion’s future. In a characteristically Dismantle-like move, we’re not going to anticipate what we might all be wearing in the upcoming decade (although if you want that, there’s plenty of speculation out there!).

Instead, we want to reflect on important fashion-related issues and what we imagine as the possibilities for fashion’s future. Will it be the downfall of humanity? Or will it offer a window into key social issues and help us address the greatest problems of the 21st century? Two of the biggest areas of concern for us are:

  • The future of retail
  • Fashion and the environment

Five things we want to see:

  1. Upcycling, Recycling, Alternative Economies
  2. Better, more inclusive sizing
  3. Transformation of Retail Space and Fewer Robots
  4. Less distance between producers and consumers
  5. Accountability: who’s in charge? And how can scholars and educators help?

Some of the articles we’re talking about:

The Future of Fashion Is Circular: Why the 2020s Will Be About Making New Clothes Out of Old Ones by Emily Farra for Vogue

Could I go a year without buying any new clothes? By Lauren Bravo for the Guardian

Every Time You Wash Clothes, Millions Of Microfibers Are Released Into The Water by Jeremy Hobson for NPR

How Fashion Education Prevents Inclusivity by Ben Barry for The Business of Fashion

The Penelope Story!! In The Oregonian

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Sara and Penelope discussing 2020s fashion
Happy New Year from Dismantle’s most rigorous editor, Penelope!

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