Online Office Hours: Is Juliet a Feminist?

In this episode of Online Office Hours, Lin asked us if Juliet from William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet was a feminist. We loved responding to this because it’s the kind of question that shows the first spark of interest in a topic. Check out the video for Sara and Elise’s response! We talk about how to nurture this first spark, and push yourself further to discover what actually draws you to Juliet’s character, why she makes us think about feminism, and why it matters. Then we can think about how to reframe the question with an eye toward historical context.

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Sara Tatyana Bernstein
Sara is the co-founder of Dismantle Magazine. You can also find her writing on Catapult, The Outline, Racked, BuzzFeed Reader, and more. Most of her work is about everyday fashion and consumer culture, with forays into pop culture, higher ed, and labor.
I am a former university professor and a Ph.D. working as a writing coach and editor. I co-founded Dismantle Magazine, which publishes crossover content in fashion and cultural studies and emphasizes mentoring emerging writers.