Writing Coaches and Consultants

You have something important to say. Maybe it’s a blog, an op-ed, a book that you’ve spent years researching, an article you committed to when the deadline seemed far away…Whatever it is, you need to write it down and get it into the world. But for some reason words aren’t coming out in an order that makes sense or grabs readers. Or they’re just not coming at all. As writing coaches and consultants we can help!

Maybe you know what you want to say, but you need accountability, small concrete goals, and the motivation of knowing that a compassionate and thorough reader is eagerly awaiting your next draft. That’s what we’re here for.

Whether you’re an experienced writer or haven’t thought about the craft since high school, we’ll provide a fresh perspective to help you focus and organize your thoughts, and a supportive ear to help you identify and overcome your writing hurdles. 

We have experience working with:

  • Academics transitioning to public writing
  • Entrepreneurs and professionals who use writing to share their research, promote their work, and advance in their field
  • Scholars writing in the arts, humanities and social sciences
  • Experienced writers who need motivation and support
  • New writers who aren’t sure where to start
  • Most nonfiction forms (E.g. creative/literary, critical, scholarly, informative. Essays, articles, blogs, book proposals, books, etc.)

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Coaching is best for writers who need help getting started, finishing or generally getting unstuck on a project, establishing a writing practice, overcoming the voice that says you’re doing this wrong, getting feedback on existing drafts or generating something new. As coaches, we will be there as a source of support that helps you transition into “writer mode.”

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Best for professionals whose speciality isn’t writing. While some rely on ghost writers to craft a public presence, others prefer to get their message out in their own words. We’ll work with you to clarify your ideas, synthesize your message, translate jargon, and find an engaging writing voice. We’ll support you in speaking authentically while building a personal brand.

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Most projects start at $120.00/session with discounted rates on ongoing services.

Why you should Work With US

Between them Sara Tatyana Bernstein and Elise M. Chatelain have over 30 years experience as educators, writers and editors. After earning their PhDs in Cultural Studies at UC Davis, Sara and Elise went on to co-found Dismantle Magazine and Dismantle Education. Since its inception, Dismantle has been all about challenging norms, dismantling old hierarchies and finding new ways to build each other up. With this in mind, we developed a process of working with writers that is supportive, collaborative and generative. Learn more about Sara and Elise here.


I’ve worked with the Dismantle Team both as a writer and as a host for one of their workshops. Sara and Elise are brilliant writers, insightful editors, and caring coaches. They encouraged me to turn my unique research-informed perspective on current news into an accessible and compelling article. 

Their workshop inspired graduate students and faculty to embrace the importance of their research, while also demystifying the process of reaching broader audiences. As researchers, we have an imperative to share our knowledge, and the Dismantle Team can teach you how to do that. 

Sarah Rebolloso-McCullough, PhD

Associate Director, UC Davis Feminist Research Institute 

I always have a lot of ideas and draw connections between cultural phenomena and the theories I’ve studied, but I never quite felt comfortable enough to make the jump and write for a non academic audience. When I finally did, I wrote an essay on the HBO series Sharp Objects for Dismantle Magazine in 2018. Sara and Elise were more than helpful! 

Their edits were friendly, yet instructive and pushed me further than any scathing criticism from Reviewer B ever did. My second article on memory and genocide only really took shape with Elise’s hands-on editing. Thanks to her edits, I could clearly translate my argument from my mind to paper. 

Verena Hutter, PhD 

Freelance Editor and Writer