Submission Guidelines

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UPDATE February 4, 2021: Please note that our calendar is currently filled through mid-August. We’re still looking at pitches, but the earliest new pieces will be published is Fall 2021.

Dismantle welcomes your pitches! See our guidelines below. Our contributors include professors, college students, professional and emerging artists, designers, writers, and activists. We’d love to make space for you too!

What we’re looking for:

We’re primarily looking for original essays covering critical fashion and pop culture analysis (we mean fashion in the broadest sense, including adornment, textiles, the body, etc.). We want perspectives that are informed by cultural studies while appealing to a general audience. Our articles tell stories that matter right now and have clear, compelling stakes. If you’re not sure the work is a good fit, please take a look around the site and read our mission statement.

Articles should be under 3000 words. Under 2000 is preferred. Around 1500 is ideal.

Note: We’re not interested in reviews at this time. There are lots of places who do that really well, but it’s not what we’re about. If you’re writing on a single show, movie, book, band, etc. it should be more about illuminating a larger cultural issue.

Also note: Due to time and budget constraints, we rarely publish super timely pieces. We have to plan our calendar several months in advance, so the majority of our articles are “evergreen.” However, if you have an idea that you really think is a perfect fit for us, go ahead and send it with “timely” included in the subject header. We’ll do our best to review it quickly.

What you get:

Yes, we pay! We’re starting with a small amount: $75.00 per article over ~1000 words. We’re able to do this entirely because of our Patreon supporters. More support on Patreon means more money for writers!

And of course, our experienced editors will help develop your analysis and make your work the best it can be.

Submission Guidelines:

Send your pitch to Dismantle.Pitches AT gmail DOT com.

Use the subject header “Pitch:” or “Submission:” followed by the topic or title of the piece (i.e. Pitch: The rise and fall of knee socks). Pitches with headers like “Dismantle Pitch” or “Fashion Submission for Dismantle” will get lost in our inbox.

In your pitch, be sure to tell us why it would be interesting to our audience. Why should we care about it right now? How does it relate to our mission? Why are YOU the best person to write this story?

We also accept completed drafts, but we still want to know briefly what it is, why we should care about it, and how it relates to our mission.

Response Times:

We’re a small team with limited resources. We meet once a month to review pitches, so it might take a couple of weeks for us to make a decision. Because of this, we’re fine with simultaneous pitches. Just please let us know immediately if you place something elsewhere.

We look forward to hearing from you!