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New on Dismantle Education: The Art and Politics of Upcycling with Ophir El-Boher

On February 27, 2021 Dismantle co-founders, Sara Tatyana Bernstein and Elise M. Chatelain hosted an event featuring a webinar and discussion with Ophir El-Boher. Now you can watch an edited version of the webinar for free on Dismantle Education! Ophir El-Boher is an apparel designer, studio artist, social activist, and scholar originally from The Negev Desert, […]

online yoga young woman lying on floor on mat while using laptop at home

Searching for Community & Connection in Online Yoga

Sara and I always say that one of the healthiest times in our lives was when we were in graduate school on a steady exercise routine together. We did yoga, kickboxing videos, chatty elliptical sessions, and lifted weights in the musty university gym alongside students from our classes. We actually started running, which is something […]

Still from Cuties

On the ‘Cuties’ Controversy, Girlhood, Looking & Being Looked At

In the opening scene of Maïmouna Doucouré’s controversial coming-of-age film, Cuties, the main character, Amy (Fathia Youssouf), an oval-faced eleven-year-old newly immigrated to France from Senegal, stares stunned into the camera. Her eyelids bejeweled, her adolescent body encased in glittering spandex crop-top and shorts, she begins to cry, tears silently spilling from her eyes. In […]

Love Island contestants on a big white couch

On Love Island, Labor and the Reality TV to Influencer Pipeline

Last summer, my roommates and I spent hours upon hours watching Love Island. It’s a hugely popular UK dating show that isolates an ever-rotating group of 10 or so singles for the length of the summer in a villa in Spain. We voraciously binged Love Island’s hour-long episodes, speeding through multiple seasons, becoming intimate with […]

Decolonizing fashion. A line drawing of sheep growing on a plant

Speculate and Reverse: Decolonizing Fashion Vocabulary

Not so long ago, cotton was “exotic to Europe.” The Beckert text above probes us to think about the current Western hegemonic control over the global textile and fashion industry. It pushes us to rejig conventional ideas of civility that have historically divided the East and the West, as we have imagined the former to […]

A black bloc protester stand with back to camera

Why The Black Bloc Works as a Protest Fashion Tactic

As chants demanding justice boom among a sea of people and bobbing protests signs, police sirens screech into the streets with thwacks of riot batons cracking against the pavement. Protestors begin to run in panic. But then, a swarm of black-clothed activists ascend into the crowd. These vigilantes spray paint onto ATM banks, throw trash […]

Can progressive politics save us? The capital through barbed wire

It’s Time to Reimagine What Progressive Politics Can (and Cannot) Do

There are many people in the U.S. and abroad whose lives were devastated in one way or another by the chaos of the Trump era. Among them there is a desperation for the Joe Biden presidency to heal the wounds that were, while not newly inflicted, viciously torn open over the past four years. For […]


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