We’re Passing the Torch! Meet the New Editors of Dismantle

Dismantle's new editors, Justin Duyao and Heaven-Leigh Carey
Meet our new editors! Justin Duyao (left) and Heaven-Leigh Carey (right). Photo courtesy of Heaven-Leigh Carey.

We have more big news at Dismantle Magazine! You might have seen that we just celebrated our 5th birthday. Now, we’re excited to announce that after five years as the magazine’s main editors, we’re passing the torch to a new editing team!

We’ve been considering this change for a while. We love editing Dismantle—but we also know that all creative projects grow when infused with new perspectives. As this year’s anniversary approached, we decided it was finally time to bring that fresh energy on board.  

At first, finding these new torch-bearers felt like a challenging prospect. We didn’t just need great editors; they also had to understand the core of Dismantle while being open to expanding it. Our hope was that they’d be as invested in questions about power as we are, while also leading with kindness and generosity toward the creative process.

So it felt incredible when two people we’ve been working with for years agreed to take over!

Without further ado…please join us in welcoming Heaven-Leigh Carey and Justin Duyao, who will now be the ones curating, editing and sharing the creative work our readers love!

Sara got to know Justin and Heaven-Leigh when they were students in the Critical Studies MA program at Pacific Northwest College of Art. They were in her Intro to Cultural Studies seminar during the peak of the pandemic, when everyone was scrambling onto Zoom. Happily, that didn’t stop them from discovering the joys of Stuart Hall and other cult stud classics.

Justin and Heaven-Leigh have been involved in Dismantle ever since: Justin as a contributor and Heaven-Leigh as an assistant editor and contributor

In addition to believing in our mission, these two lovely people are very good friends. Like us, they’ve been collaborating on creative projects since their graduate school days. This spirit of collaboration is what Dismantle is all about.

Heaven-Leigh and Justin have lots of great stuff planned. They’ll tell you all about it themselves, so we won’t say much just yet. However, we can say that their approach will be about broadening what Dismantle means, while still honoring its origins.

And even as we pass the torch on editing, we’ll still be here. We’re just working more behind the scenes, continuing to grow our reach. 

For now, stay tuned for updates from Justin and Heaven-Leigh, our new Dismantle editing team. And know that if you join us on Patreon, you’ll help support their incredible work!

Sara Tatyana Bernstein
Sara is the co-founder of Dismantle Magazine. You can also find her writing on Longreads, LitHub, Hippocampus, Catapult, The Outline, Racked, BuzzFeed Reader, and more.
Elise is a writer, editor and educator with 20+ years in academia and communications. When she isn’t writing web copy, editing a manuscript or putting together the next issue of Dismantle Magazine, she’s teaching. She works part time as a university instructor and recently became a certified yoga teacher. A Louisiana native, Elise enjoys spending time in Mexico with her partner and their dog, “Peligrosa.”