Vintage Hobbies: Why Millennials (and Others) Like to Needlepoint

Vintage Hobbies: Why Millennials Like to Needlepoint

Millennials are known for bringing back unique hobbies, including baking, sewing and crafting. One reason for these revivals is to connect with the past. Another is as a response to hyper-technologized society. According to one source, 94% of people ages 13 to 39 play video games. Needlepoint is one of these vintage interests that has sustained the test of time. Below are some more reasons why Millennials (along with Gen X and Gen Z) like to needlepoint.

Relax Anywhere

Needlepoint is a relaxing hobby that people love for more than the beautiful art it creates. The act of working the needle can be extremely calming. The feeling of fabric between one’s fingers and engaging with gorgeous thread colors can be the perfect anecdote to a digital world.

Learn Easily

Many love needlepoint because it’s relatively easy. Though there are many styles one can learn, people can create gorgeous pieces with just one or two types of stitches. However, as with any new craft, it’s wise to get tips from experts, whether during an online lesson or an in-person class. You’ll find out how to maintain your projects, such as ways to clean your needlepoint, when you talk to experienced educators.

Connect With Friends

Until they begin, few people know that needlepoint is a whole community. Needle pointers come together through retreats, online communities, and stitching circles, all of which do more than motivate one to complete a project. In an era where community connections can sometimes be hard to find, crafting can provide much-needed structure for social gatherings.

Share Art on Social Media

Many millennials love to post pictures of their lives online, including images of the art they make, be it baked goods, makeup, or clothing. Completing a needlepoint project is a point of pride; it’s fun to share achievements with others and positive reinforcement can provide motivation for the next creative work.

Sell Crafts Online

Making money with art is a millennial trend. To join in, one can create gorgeous pillows, handbags, and other amazing needlepoint pieces to sell in their Etsy shop or online store. Even just making a few extra bucks can be enough motivation to keep making and selling these one-of-a-kind items.

Vintage hobbies are making a comeback. Needlepoint is one of those activities that allows people across generations to relax and enjoy a moment of digital detox. With this relatively simple craft, they can connect with others and maybe even make some money along the way.

Christina Duron is a freelance writer for multiple online publications where she can showcase her affinity for all things beauty and fashion. She particularly enjoys writing for communities of passionate women who come together for a shared interest and empower one another in the process. In her free time, you can find Christina playing with her dachshund or at her local library.