Effortless Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Impact

Effortless Ways To Reduce Your Environmental Impact

People who want to reduce their ecological footprint also know they have to put in a little effort to make the change. It takes a lot of work to create new habits, especially when our economic and cultural forces are pushing us to stay in our comfort zones! However, not every change has to feel like swimming upstream or stepping off the beaten path. Check out these effortless ways to reduce your environmental impact.

Change Your Bank Account

By taking 15 minutes to sign up for a new checking account at a smaller bank, you won’t be contributing to fossil fuel financing. The top 60 banks have spent almost $4 trillion (yes, with a t) just in the last five years alone on this! Even if you don’t have millions (or even thousands) of dollars in the bank, you can still practice this effortless way to reduce your environmental impact.

Shop at Thrift Stores

According to the UN, about one-tenth of greenhouse gas emissions are from fast fashion. Unfortunately, ethically sourced clothing and household items can be expensive. The solution? Seek out as much as your can from thrift stores. Things like t-shirts, costumes, and candle holders are all excellent to pick up second-hand. You could also plan a clothing swap party with a group of friends. When I’ve gone to these in the past, I scored way more than I thought that I would and had a lot of fun hanging out with friends.

Greenify Your Home

There are many things that you can do around your home to reduce your environmental impact. We’ve all heard about switching to energy-efficient LED bulbs, but the possibilities are so much more. For nighttime, you could install dimmer switches, string lights, or use candles for lighting. Less lighting also helps us fall asleep faster. If you have the money, investing in modern appliances can cut your energy usage in half, depending on the mode.

One of the best ways to make a permanent change in our lives is to make it easy. As Bridget Douglas has written on this site, “most people don’t actually want to hurt the environment or exploit workers, and just need more viable options.” By following these simple ways to limit your ecological footprint, you can do good things for the Earth and its people while not adding more challenges to your everyday life.

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